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The Falstaff Floorplan

New Seating Layout!

As you plan for your Falstaff seat purchases, please be aware of a NEW orchestra and seating layout in the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center for our production of Falstaff.  This new seating plan removes the first three rows of audience seating, and installs platforms to create a new orchestra playing area in the absence of a traditional pit.  Additionally, the stage will be raked (meaning that platforms will be installed to slightly tilt the stage towards the audience) so that our ticket holders will have the best possible view.

Maestro Garman conducting (4).png
Falstaff BEST Graphic.jpg

How does this affect audience seating?  Maestro Garman will be standing while conducting, which may obstruct the view of some patrons seated directly behind him.  For those interested in reserving "the best seats in the house," we recommend purchasing seats in the front mezzanine or - if seated on the ground level - to purchase seats in the middle or rear of the house, near a central aisle. Good information to have as you choose your seats!


(Above) A rendering of the opening scene from BOF's production of Falstaff courtesy of Scenic Designer Stephen Dobay.  A sneak-peak at what is in store for opera patrons this August!

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