2019 - 2020 Season

Thank You To Our Family of Supporters

Berkshire Opera Festival would like to express our most sincere appreciation to the individuals and institutions below who have generously provided financial support this season to help sustain BOF and allow our young company to continue to produce operatic programming at the highest artistic level.

Gifts received between 8/14/2019 and 8/28/2020 are reflected below.

If you are a current donor and would prefer to be credited differently from what is currently listed on this page (including the option to be listed anonymously), please email a request to Company & Development Manager Meghan Van Alstyne: mvalstyne@berkshireoperafestival.org.

DIAMOND CIRCLE  ($50,000 and above)

William Briggs and Donald Usher​

Clara Londoner

PLATINUM CIRCLE  ($25,000-49,999)

Adrian and Christine Slywotzky

GOLD CIRCLE  ($10,000-24,999)

Lester and Ilene Bliwise

Theresa Cerezola

The Feigenbaum Foundation

Thomas M. Fynan, MD and William F. Loutrel

Judith Goldsmith

John K. O'Brien and Jamie Lehrer

Drs. Eduardo Plantilla and Lina Plantilla

SILVER CIRCLE  ($5,000-9,999)

R. Martin Chavez, In Honor of André Courville

Your Cause LLC, Guardian Life Insurance, at the request of Theresa Cerezola
Paul Clark and Carol Parrish

The Barrow Foundation, at the request of Marvin Seline

Richard and Carol Seltzer

Raymond and Yong Kwok


AMBASSADOR  ($2,500-4,999)

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

Noreen Doyle

Brian Garman

Patrick Riordan

Jewish Communal Fund, at the request of Sari Scheer and Samuel Kopel

Stephen Weiner and Donald G. Cornuet


BENEFACTOR  ($1,000-2,499)

Ms. Liliana Bachrach

Don and Maggie Buchwald

Ira and Margaret Deutsch

Thor Eckert

Joseph and Patricia Finkelstein

Philip and Kay Garman

Frederick and Sally Harris

Susan Herrmann

Jim and Joan Hunter

Montgomery and Jane Iredale

David C. Kneuss

William and Judith Loy

Barbara McCullough

Terence McInerney

Donald and Ann Morrison
The William and Alice Mortensen Foundation

Price Chopper's Golub Foundation
Cris C. Raymond

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, at the request of Michael Riordan

Dr. Jeffrey and Karen Ross

Charles and Jan Schwager

Morgan Stanley Gift Fund

The Ronald and Mary Kay Teel Charitable Fund

James and Georgette Verdin

Michael J. White, MD and Richard LeBeau

Robert Merli and Soo Sung Wong-Merli


SPONSOR  ($500-999)


Dr. Roy and Judith Aaron
Adams Community Bank

Joseph Alexiou

Ms. Patricia Begrowicz

Howard Bliwise

Matthew Bliwise

Charles Corcoran

Lynn Cunningham and Kevin Ray

Scott and Ellen Hand

Erica Hennings, In Honor of Jonathon Loy

Bataya Kahane

Fidelity Charitable, at the request of the Michael Emont and Margo Rappoport Fund

Fidelity Charitable, at the request of the Phyllis A. and Harvey Klein Charitable Fund

Elaine and Fred Panitz, In Honor of Jonathon Loy

George Stinson and Richard Riskin

Norma Strassler
Carl and Claudia Shuster, In Honor of Jonathon Loy

Jonathan Swartz

Mathew Talbot, In Honor of Jonathon Loy


SUPPORTER  ($250-499)


Carol Hill Albert and Charles Rich

John and Maureen Allan

Bob Anstine

Irene D. Aquino and Ronald Nickerson

Joseph M. Biber

Catherine Braun, In Honor of Vira Slywotzky

Mr. Scott Butler

David Carey
Julie Cassiday and Leyla Rouhi

John and Lee Cheek

Susan Clifton, In Honor of Don Usher

Hillary Cohen

Linda Conway

Jo E. Cooper

Claudia d'Alessandro and David Reed, In Honor of Phyllis Curtin

Gerald and Joan Dreher

Marcia and Tess Fardella

Joan Flesch

Alan R. Fridkin

Ralph and Audrey Friedner

Herb Ginsburg

Dr. Harvey Klein

Charles J. Lemmen

Jean-Pierre Linder and Jill Resnick

Paul and Evelyn Margus

Jonathon C. Marshall

Jacqueline and Jaan Metsma

Burton Miller, In honor of Jane Braur

Alice Nathan and Irving Marks

Laura O’Shaughnessy

Ms. Pamela Reznick

OLLI (Osher Lifelong Institute at Berkshire Community College)

Fidelity Charitable, at the request of the C.C. Cave & Peter Rothstein Charitable Fund

JoAnn and Mark Rollins

Jewish Communal Fund, at the request of Milton Rubin

Sari Scheer and Samuel Kopel

Gary Schieneman and Susan Fisher

Jonathan Swartz

Louis Talbot

Dr. Kate Thomas

David Trubek

Arthur  and Pamela Turton

Myra Tweedy
 Chester and Madeline Vogel

Peter J. Wender

Michael and Cheryl Zaccaro

Audrey Zucker

FRIEND  ($1-249)

Harold and Denyse Adler

Elliot and Helen Adler

Jack and  Marilyn Allahand

Marc Alon Embree

Ashley Armstrong

Meredith Arwady Kahrl

Susan  P. Bachelder, In Memory of Julia Bachelder

Janet Bailey

Fred  Baker and Lisa Powers

Frank Barrie
Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, at the request of Benjamin Luxon

Kathy A. Bennett

Robert and Shelley Berend

Patricia Bergowicz

Irene Bernstein-Pechemez

John C. Berrett

Elliott Bird

Eva Blachere

Walter and Hildi Black

Christopher and Karen Blair

Maxine Blake and Lois Rice

Monica Bliss

Stephanie Blythe

Andy Pamela Breslin

Ms. Sally Brooke

John R. Brooks II and Michelle S. Brooks

Malcom and Louise Brown

Gretchen Browne

Russell  and Susan Burns

Phyllis Buster Doroshow

Karin G. Butler

Phyllis J. Campbell

Joel and Susan Cartun

Paul Cashman

Dorothy Cerezola, In Honor of Theresa Cerezola

Ms. Margaret Chapman

Myron Chefetz and Patricia Feldman

Robert and  Kathy Clausen

Jeffrey and Beth Cohen

Mrs. Linda Coll

Kathleen M. Connor

Peter Contuzzi

Paula M. Cooke, In Honor of David Cooke

Carol Corden, In Honor of Theresa Cerezola

Rita Cuker

Frank  and Carol Curran

John H. Davies

Raymond J. DeAngelo and Martin Rosen

Elayne Dix

Stephen and Ruth Dube

Cori Ellison

Sandra Enfield

Joan Esposito

Paula Farbman

Patricia and Myron Feldman
Fidelity Charitable, at the request of Kim Kaufman

Diane Finklesteine

Peter and Nancy Finn

Roz Forman

Judith Fox

Gena Frank, In Memory of Phyllis Curtin

Frank Garretson

Christine Gevert

Jacques and Wilma Geyer

Pamela Giles

Jennifer Golanics, In Honor of Mary Clare McAlee

Andrew Gold and Dori Katz

Warren Goodman

Marshall Lapidus and Suzanne Gordon

Mary Anne and John Grammer

Sharon M. Gregory

Charles and Phyllis Gronberg

Jane A. Gross

Paul Gurwitz

Mr. David Hagerty

Brian Hailes and Monica Sinclair

Anvernette B. Hanna

Jean Hansen

Amy Helsel

Thomas and Clarita Herrera-Argyros, MD

Rev. Frances Hills

Sandra H. Hutton

Gary J. Jaskula

Irene Kamaroff

Elliot and Adrienne Katz

MerrieLynn Keegan

John Kingsley

Katharine Kinsolving

Martha Klein

Gary and Rita Kobran

Michael Kornfield

Fidelity Charitable at the request of the Kosto Family Charitable Fund

Renee Kotler

Valerie Krall and Ralph Lieberman

Ms. Joan Kravetz

Michael Lacalamita

Norman and Susan Ladov

Enrico and Cookie Lamet
Edith Lasner, In Memory of Bud Ackerman

Dr. Robert B. Lee

Lucy Lehrer

Rochelle Leinwand and Morton Taubin

Karl Lescarbeau

Jennifer Lester

Howard and Judith Levin

Pamela Levit

Gerald and Andrea Levy

Marion R. Lipson Trust, In Memory of Bud Ackerman

Leonard and Elaine Lipton

Dr.Benjamin Liptzin and Liz Scnider

Thomas Litwack

Jonathon Loy and Christopher Riggleman

Benjamin Luxon and Susan Crofut

Richard Mackey

Henry Maimin

Dr. Ronald and Iris Maitland

Barbara E. Mandler

Kathleen Marion

Marie L. Martinau, In Honor of Theresa Cerezola

Gary  and Catherine Mayne

Jackie and Malcolm Mazow

Leslie Mazza

Peter McCallion, In Memory of Robert Dandridge

Jainee McCarroll

Brigitte D. McDonald

Hugh and Camilla McFadden

Meghan McGrath

Julien and Abigail McKee

Jane W. Meisel

Don Mele

Ronald Milch

Rosanne Mistretta

Jenna Moffat

Michael Moran, In Memory of Francis and Marcella Moran

David and Betsy Morgan

Kathleen Moynihan

Robert and Leslie Murray

Ronald and Diane Neff

David Neigher

Djordje Nesic

Marijo Newman

Ronald J. Nickerson and Irene Aquino

Fred and Andrea Novin

Sheila Orenstein

Stephen and Constance Pajeski

John Paulson

Marcel Perez-Pirio and Eric Perry

Roy and Jean Perkinson

Nancy S. Pigman

Dr. Peter Podol

Florian Ptak

Elaine Radiss

Joel and Eliabeth Radsken

Kurt Rausch

Charles and Julie Reich

Judith Reichert

Norman and Marcia Resnick

Rosamond H. Rice

Christopher and Tracey Richards

Karen Richards

Karen Riley and Ryan Coons

Phyllis Rivlin

Abigail Rollins and Matthew Whiton

Joshua Rosen

Aaron and Barbara Rosenzweig, In Honor of the Rosenzweig family

David Ross and Stephanie Susens

Donald and Alice Roth

Kathy Saranpa

Alain and Joan Sasson

Christine Saurel

Paul Schack

Francis Schell

Faye and Roger Schneier

Schwab Charitable

Kathryn Ambrose Sereno

Gloria Shapiro

Karen Shreefter

Michael and Arlene Shreefter

Dr. Carole Siegel
Marc Silver, In Memory of Bud Ackerman

Roberta Silman

Marc Silver

Laurea Simonds

Robert and Carla Skidmore

Judith Slagoff

Elliot and Judith Slotnick

Christopher Smeall

Sally M. Soluri

Myron Sosnow

Tom and Maureen Steiner

Mario and Eileen Steinvurzel

Lawrence Strauss and Francine Weinberg Strauss

Andrew Sun

Eric Tarlow

Thomas and Madeline Tiktin

Jeannine Tonetti

Robin Tost

Michael and Nancy Vale

Peter and Patricia Van Pelt

Lisken Van Pelt Dus

Susan Vaughn

Mary Verdi

Joseph and Patricia Vitacco

Barbara Waldinger

Chris Weber

Meghan E. Van Alstyne

Alan Weisman

Rhea and Kenneth Werner

Marjorie Wexler

Ellen Whittaker

Mark and Hope M. Wigmore

Andrea Wilson

John Wofford

Joel and Frances Wolk

Meredith Woodend

Anna B. Zaffanella

Madeline Zawel

Suha Zia


Asia Barong

The Berkshire Atheneum

The Barrington B&B

Berkshire Museum

Berkshire Theatre Group  

Vincent  Brewer

Kenneth Campbell

Claudia D'Alessandro

Kay Garman

Seth Keyes

Ed Szwyd
Seyfarth Shaw LLP  

Andrea Yu Photography