BOF Diversity and Inclusion


At BOF, we are committed to doing our part, to engage in the work required to build equity in the opera community, in the Berkshires, and beyond:

  • We will improve our own cultural competence around diversity, inclusion and implicit bias through education and training.

  • We will seek opportunities to grow a more diverse culture, from the artists we work with to our partnerships in the community.

  • As we grow, we will be mindful and seek to build a more diverse Board, Staff and Community.

  • We will encourage and support our community in promoting fairness and equity in their own business practices. 

We recognize that change must first start within ourselves, but will also only happen outwardly if we collectively work together in a sustainable way to create equity, diversity and fairness right here in our community.

We recognize that this work will not be easy and will challenge our preconceptions. Recognizing, acknowledging, and learning a new mindset takes time, openness and the willingness to grow.  Our actions must reflect our values, and as we develop new partnerships and programming, we need to remember that growth only happens through challenge.


Our organization was built on the premise of acceptance and diversity, and we engage most willingly in taking this next step for the black community in particular.  Our BOF community will be stronger and healthier when all individuals feel safe and welcome and fully able to participate with Berkshire Opera Festival, and we are committed to this growth wholeheartedly.