Board of Directors

Vira Slywotzky, President

Theresa Cerezola, Secretary

John O'Brien, Treasurer

Ilene Bliwise

Noreen Doyle

Thomas M. Fynan, MD

Brian Garman, Founding Artistic Director

Peter Graber-Lipperman

Kenneth Kramer

Yong Kwok

Jonathon Loy, Founding General Director

Abigail Rollins, ex officio

Directors Emeritae

Clara F. Londoner

Barbara McCullough

BOF is committed to a Board of Directors that reflects the diversity of our community, and we welcome your inquiries. If you have a passion for opera, supporting the arts in the Berkshires, and would like to make an investment in our future by becoming a member of Berkshire Opera Festival’s Board of Directors, contact BOF Executive Director Abigail Rollins to learn more.

Advisory Committee

Lynn Baker

Kenneth Campbell

Rex Hearn

Norman Michaels

John Wustman